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Welcome to the Wiki[]

Welcome to the Virasana Wiki! This is a knowledge base for the Virasana Empire novels by Beryll and Osiris Brackhaus. The wiki is maintained by Beryll and Osiris directly, but they are grateful for all reader contribution.

Naturally, this wiki contains spoilers about the novels. Please read at your own discretion. Currently, this wiki contains data up to and including the events of 'The Demon of Hagermarsh', 'The Windmines of Bora Bora', 'The Renegade Psion', 'The Bloodied Broom' and 'The Shang Zhou Shuffle'. Some other bits further down the timeline may be included.

We are currently adding the data for 'The PV-3 Mutagen' and 'Red Claws, Blue Ink', but it's still a bit patchy.

The events of 'The Pet and his Duke' are set about twelve years later in the timeline than 'The Demon of Hagermarsh' and therefore are not (yet) included in this wiki.

Good Places to Start[]

If you want to learn what this is all about, a good place to start is the meta article about the Virasana Empire novels.

If you are curious about the Virasana Empire universe, a good place to start would be the article about the novels' main characters: Yaden Quetzal for the 'Sir Yaden' series, and Rene Laurent for the 'Dr. Laurent' series.

For a broader approach, you could delve into the Umbrella Articles, like the History of the Virasana Empire, ie.

Umbrella Articles[]

List of Core Articles[]

Every article in this wiki falls into one of five main categories - listed below for easy lookup.

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